Mauries Fine Artisanal Chocoaltes on Monroe St., Madison, WI


                                         Exquisite chocolates made with passion, pride and creativity
  • Open a bar or box of Maurie's Fine Chocolates
  • Begin by snapping the chocolate in half. Inhale and ponder the lovely aromas you can sense: cocoa, vanilla, sweetness,
  • Let the first bite be small to “warm up” the tongue, which can taste only sweet, sour, salty, bitter. Some chocolates can hit all four tastes.
  • The second bite is the one that counts. Suck on the chocolate and feel how it melts, sense the texture (grainy or smooth?). Is it sweet or dry?
  • Don’t rush on to the next bit. Enjoy the aftertaste—good chocolate will offer new and subtle flavors after a few seconds.
  • Whether eating truffles or bars, always start with softer flavors and move slowly up to stronger varieties.
  • Don’t ever eat more than four or five different kinds of chocolate at a time. You will overwhelm your sense of taste and ruin the experience.
  • For our rich chocolates or truffles, don’t taste more than two in one sitting.
  • Cleanse your palate with water before and in between each new variety that you taste


Maurie’s Fine Chocolates • 1637 Monroe Street • Madison, WI 53711

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