Established in 1993, 

I named my shop in Madison after my dad, Maurie. Since his death in 1991, as a second generation chocolatier, I have continued to use my Dad's original recipes, along with developing a unique approach to chocolate tempering, flavour infusion, origin chocolate use and art chocolate design. Our designer chocolate heels and sneakers are a fabulous new addition.
My dad, Maurie, had principles:
          ·Be kind and generous in spirit and behavior.
          ·Use the highest quality pure ingredients.
          ·Never rush the process.
          ·Keep Maurie's recipes a family secret.
In 1941, after my dad opened his newspaper store, he added a candy kitchen. Late at night and into the morning, he stood at his marble slab, hand dipping and casting chocolates and stirring steaming caramel or toffee with a wooden paddle at his copper kettle.  He loved experimenting with new ideas and flavor combinations, and eventually my dad created his own repertoire of recipes. His kindness, generosity, humility, and wisdom along with his exquisite chocolates, quickly became legendary.  In business for 50 years, Maurie perfected his recipes. His old Illinois shop carries his name only but uses none of the original recipes. He entrusted these recipes to no one except his wife & two daughters.
With a fine arts degree, a math minor, marriage, 3 sons, & great marriage, I formally studied food science, the chemistry of chocolate and candy production. I opened my own shop on Monroe Street in Madison, Wisconsin in 1993. Like my dad, I carefully hand cast the chocolates, experiment with new flavors, and with loving memory of my Dad, Maurie, strive to follow his life principles.